Internet Marketing Explained

Internet Marketing Explained to Business Website Owners

What is Internet marketing explained about?

Internet Marketing is still a complete mystery to a large majority of South African Business Website owners. For many business owners, online marketing is seen as some foreign area of the Internet, controlled by slick Internet marketers ready to rip off the innocent and uninformed business website owners at the click of a mouse.

In fact, Internet marketers credibility could not be further removed from this overall biased picture. In reality, the Internet marketing domain is populated mainly with hard working professionals helping South African Website owners promoting and advertising their quality products.

In the South African online business world there are now millions of business websites, representing one large consumer base or marketplace. The total amount of goods sold online has been steadily increasing each year as the Internet gains in both popularity and familiarity for the South African Consumer. Studies have shown consumers shop online because of lower prices, a wider selection of products, easier comparison shopping, and many just prefer not having to travel to stores to make a purchase.

Handling all this online e-commerce is done by a whole sector of Internet marketing companies, hosting providers, web designers, advertising agencies… and so on.

Still Internet marketing has gotten a raw deal.

If you mention to any group of website business owners that you’re an Internet Marketer and that you work full time on the Internet; you will receive some very skeptical looks and more than one arched eyebrow of scepticism.

Regardless of this lingering skepticism, Internet marketing has become a viable means of promoting any type of business via the Internet.

Although the accessibility of the Internet is still growing in South Africa — Internet marketing has leveled the business playing field for all business owners. Any business owner can make a business work by using the Internet as their marketing and advertising medium. You don’t need expensive TV or yellow pages advertising any more.

There are many forms of Internet marketing and many online business models you as a business website owner can follow.

Here’s a quick rundown of the most popular forms of Internet Marketing:

1. The Brick and Cement Store going Online

A lot of companies and retail stores have created online versions of their brick and cement businesses. Even if consumers don’t buy online, many use these sites for gathering product information before buying in the real world. A fact many savvy business owners are exploiting in their overall marketing strategies.

2. Online Services

Many service industries have moved online, everything from travel to banking to dating! Again, the Internet can be a profitable extension for any service company.

3. Online Advertising and Promotion

Pay-Per-Click advertising presents another viable marketing route. Keywords (the exact words typed into a search engine) fuel a large portion of the web’s activity, keyword marketing has become a major driving force behind most of the economic transactions on the web. This is a very lucrative area for business owners who know exactly what they’re doing.

Acquiring organic Top 10 search results (SERPs) will greatly determine the profitability of business websites.

4. Affiliate Marketing

One of the least understood, yet one of the most profitable forms of Internet marketing is affiliate marketing. A customer or consumer can join any affiliate program you offer through your business and that customer promotes your products or services via the Internet or in the real world. Your customer market the products, find customers for the your company and receive a cut or commission for each sale they make from their marketing efforts. These commissions can run anywhere from 2% to over 50%.

What the average business owner fail to realize is that Internet marketing is a 24/7/365 business. The Internet is always on and working for you. It is automatically producing income for you 24 hours of the day, while you’re sleeping, while you’re enjoying a nice meal with friends, or even while you’re on vacation.

Internet marketing is totally flexible.

As Internet marketing becomes better known, more and more business website owners will come to the realisation that Internet marketing is not a cost but an investment.

We hope that Internet Marketing Explained helped you as a business owner to understand the Internet Marketing arena a little better.

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