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Dear Shop Owner,

I recently had the pleasure of getting access to an interview between a fellow marketing friend and Richard Matthews about the success, he had, helping a local bra boutique take her business from the brink of closure to semi booming in just 24 hours with R1300 ($100) ad spend.

Sounds crazy right?!

That’s what I thought too, but was simply blown away at how easy the method he used was and how easy it would be for other small businesses to replicate and follow suite.



While Richard was shopping with his wife at their local bra boutique, they were disappointed to learn that the store were planning to close their doors at the end of that month.

The Matthews had been loyal customers since it’s opening in 2012 because his wife’s “endowment” required a bra size not carried in average stores and the next nearest shop was about 80 Kilometers away. 

So, Richard began probing the owner about her business.

Some of the important questions he needed answered were:

  • How has business been lately?
  • What kind of numbers would you need to run if you wanted to keep the doors open?
  • What is the average transaction size?
  • The number of appointments needed to run per day
  • The number of leads they were getting now
  • What kind of marketing stuff they’re doing currently
  • Willingness to spend money or more on advertising (Facebook). If there is no to little willingness then you may have to close the doors to your business.

Basically, the boutique needed six fitting appointments a day to keep the doors open, pay her employees and ensure a salary for herself.

Technically, three appointments a day could pay the bills but six appointments a day is something she had never experienced in the past five years and would change the course of her business immediately.

Richard explained that he aquire leads for businesses for a living. 

What he ultimately needed to know was, did she want to keep the doors open and is doing so something that she was passionate about.

Since her response was a heartwarming and resounding yes, he asked her if he could use her as an experiment to build a case study, and she agreed.


That night he put together (what most people) considered a simple Facebook campaign which involved a Facebook ad, a simple landing page, a thank you page, and a short email sequence.

The Facebook ad:

  • Location: within 50km of their town
  • Age: 35-64
  • Gender: Women
  • Ad copy: Used simple persuasion by presenting a common problem and clearly presented their offer using scarcity.
  • Ad image: Used an attractive woman in a brightly colored bra that will catch attention when scrolling Facebook. The image contained the boutique logo, which also matched the color of the bra in the image.
  • Ad headline: Clearly stating the attractive offer (with scarcity)
  • Call-to-action: To "Sign Up" (so that the prospect can book a fitting appointment).

The Landing Page:

  • Video landing page with a headline (a video is great but text also work fine)
  • Collecting theprospects name, email address and phone number on the page
  • Offering a 50% discount off their first bra purchase at the shop.

After clicking the "Yes! Please!" button the above popup pop into view so that the prospect's details can be captured.

The Thank You page:

  • The 50% off offer (repeated from the landing page) plus an image of a women wearing a bra
  • How to instructions to call for an appointment or email the shop
  • A bonus offer for a free pair of panties to anyone sharing the Facebook ad when they call (bit of proof required from the prospect)

Well Richard knew that the 50% off deal was not a sustainable model but he wanted to test the waters and see if they could get a response from the local market.

Some times you have to stick out your head to get seen.

The Email Sequence:

This contained three emails in the shop owners existing auto responder account.

  1. Email one - gave them their coupon code and to call in and get their fitting appointment scheduled.
  2. Email two - gave the prospect some of the professional benefits of having a well fitted bra. This is called transforming your prospects needs and wants.
  3. Email three - was a scarcity email stating there were only a few of the deals left and to go and book their fitting session.

After showing the offer to the owner and looking at her previously unsuccessful ad analytics Richard settled on really simple ad targeting.

They targeted women who were thirty-five to sixty-four and lived within 50km of her shop, and set the ad to run for 24 hours on R1,300 ($100), starting the next morning at 6:30 a.m local time.


The results within HOURS of launching the campaign were extraordinary.

The morning of the launch the shop owner called Richard around 8 a.m. in shock because she had real prospects coming in before her shop was even scheduled to open.

The campaign brought in:

  • Fifteen leads at R90 ($7) per lead or prospect
  • Eight phone calls with those Prospects
  • Six appointments booked within 48 hrs
  • Six closed fitting transactions - R14,898 ($1146) total sales
  • An average transaction amount of R2,483 ($191) per customer

So a “simple” ad campaign gave the boutique an average 1146% ROI in only twenty-four hours for only R1,300 ($100) ad spend.

More importantly, it changed her outlook of her business.

Nothing like seeing results when you and your business are in dire straights!

Once she saw the data from the campaign, she flipped out! Always track your ad campaigns where ever you are advertising.

He coached her on how to track the sales that resulted from the ad.

She needed to track the number of prospects that were coming in, the number of fitting appointments she got and the number of sales that resulted from those appointments.

He also set her up with the ability to text her leads as well and attached a call tracking number to the form on her landing page and emails to notify her of prospects.

She was able to create a simple spreadsheet to track all of the data but eventually this will need to be automated so that she could focus on her business.

Her response to the near closure is what sets successful businesses apart from those that fail.

She took action!

She opened her store early, called in another employee and spent the rest of their day calling their prospects to book their fitting appointments.

They booked six appointments out of fifteen possible customers.

Before this campaign they were lucky to book three appointments a week.

There were sporadic walk ins but this was unpredictable to say the least.

When you go from five or six fittings in a week, to six in 24 hours, everything changes.

Unfortunately, the boutique might have to close their doors, due to the amount of money owed to their land lord.

But for the first time they have something concrete to show the land lord that proves they can get leads in the door at a crazy but wonderful rate, and a renewed hope that they may be willing to work out a way to remain open.


When you are trying to collect leads for your business, your offer (and ability to provide excellent service with it) is more important than having a fancy funnel.

But after dailing in your offers, ads and customer service this whole process can be automated and made to get you to focus on your business.


As a local business owner it is also extremely important that you and your staff know how to successfully close a sale.

If you can’t close the sale, driving constant prospects to your business is a wasted effort and result in a poor return on investment.

You have to be willing to get on the phone or reach out when someone walks through your door and deliver exceptional customer service.

If a potential customer is willing to fill out a form based on their interest regarding your offer, then they are basically asking you to sell them something!

It may take a few tries and some effort to connect with them when following up (emails), hence effectively closing the sale.  

Local customers are there needing your product or service.

They will always be there.

They just need a way to connect with your offer.

By using a simple four part sales funnel, great offer and basic local ad targeting, you can draw in prospects that will drastically change the course of your business.

Done for You

The above casestudy show a simplistic view of how a Bra boutique was saved with a simple ad (proper copy writing), Facebook audience targeting, landing page (with popup form), email autoresponder and conversion tracking (pixel and google analytics).

The fact of the matter is that if you do not know or understand the technical and marketing aspects of the above campaign you are in for a steep learning curve should you venture building your own similar marketing campaign.

Note: Marketing campaigns may be similar but differ from business to business! No two are the same.

At Web Visibility Consultants we understand the techy stuff (we solve it), the marketing stuff (we solve it) and the conversion tracking stuff (we solve it).

We do it on a daily basis for businesses such as Yours!

We call it our Behavioral Dynamic Response System - BDRS in short.

Let us help you set up your next Facebook marketing campaign so that you can get back to business, focussing on your old as well as your new customers coming through the (BDRS) sales funnel build for you!

To Your Success,


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