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Albert v Niekerk

Dear Dental Manager - Dentist,

Growing a dental practice or managing one can be SUPER challenging, especially with the continuous changes in the healthcare and insurance/medical aid industries. 

Dentists often struggle to break even financially even if you own your own practice. You want to get a steady flow of patients coming in your practice.


  • The fact that you are reading this post means you are already ahead of the curve and realize something that many dental practices do not (more than you can imagine); you should be advertising your practice online using Facebook ads.
  • If on the off chance that you have not started using Facebook ads to grow your practice because you are either not confident that you can actually generate leads or you are afraid that it will break you financially, then you also have come to the right place!

One great struggle, that every dentist face is getting CONSISTENT patients through the practice doors.

The number one tool and awesome tool that successful dentists use to keep a steady stream of patients coming in, is Facebook ads!


A successful dental practice is one that is able to solve a problem for a specific group of people, and to do that you have to know where to find them and put your offer in front of those prospects.

To put it bluntly, you should be using Facebook ads due to the fact that your customers/patients are spending the majority of their spare time on Facebook.

I know it may seem as if Facebook ads can be expensive, and many dentists are hesitant to use Facebook ads as a primary lead generation source.

Consider the life time value of a patient of yours. According to statistics it could be as high as R104,000 ($8,000) per annum.

The reality is that if you are using Facebook ads correctly and targeting appropriately, then your ROI will be HUGE considering.

The secret to instantly generating consistent dental leads with Facebook is as simple as putting a great offer in front of your prospects which leads to an effective dental marketing funnel.

We use four unique targeting options in Facebook to accomplish this.

So let’s walk through what you need to get started:



To catch the eye of a prospective patient requires a great offer and to develop such a great offer you have to decide WHO the offer is meant for.

Now, as a dentist you probably see all sorts of people with diverse demographics and dental issues and that’s perfectly fine.

However, to start getting consistent leads you need to focus on targeting one specific segment of your potential audience at a time, and build an offer that is attractive to them.

The most effective (and sustainable) service you can offer to generate dental leads is a typical teeth cleaning/whitening session for new patients - FREE or say for a low fee of R130 ($10) (Limited time, limited sessions, limited new patients).

Once they are settled in your chair you can then upsell them into a higher paid service/procedure such as a cavity repair, teeth alignement, or implants.

The free or low offer is there to first develop trust in you with that free cleaning/whitening session, you double the odds of retaining them as a loyal returning patient.

We found that the easiest segment of your audience to present this offer to is women who are 18 years and older.

Women who are brides-to-be, getting ready for homecoming/prom or have an anniversary coming up, they are often looking to get their teeth cleaned and whitened!

The great thing about advertising on Facebook is that you can target your ads based on these types of life events and happenings.

Of course this offer will also appeal to people you DON’T target, such as men or individuals who aren’t in the groups mentioned above.

Remember the idea is to focus on ONE audience segment (that has the ability for consistent lead flow) at a time.

There are a constant supply of women who will be getting married, going to formal events or changing life styles making this a reliable constant targeting method for dental advertising.


To get those leads in your office you need to set up a dental marketing funnel.

It need not be complicated or fancy to generate qualified leads. An effective marketing funnel basically has four elements:

  • A unique, well targeted Facebook ad
  • A landing page / optin page
  • A thank you page
  • A follow-up (email and phone call) sequence

Each step of the funnel needs to flow seamlessly into the next and must be as easy as possible to navigate.

Let’s walk through each step of an effective dental funnel, one at a time.


The ad is one of the most important elements of your marketing funnel.

It must clearly catch the attention of the people you are targeting as well as entice them to click the ad with your great offer.

The most effective ad type to use for setting up a lead generation funnel for your practice is a “Conversion” ad that will send prospects to your landing page to sign up or register for the special offer.

This specific ad type also allow you to track signup conversion directly in facebook.

After selecting your ad objective, you need to select the targeting audience.

This is the segment of your audience you decided to target previously.

Facebook will let you target based on several life events (demographics), behaviors and interests.

To attract local leads with the teeth whitening offer you will want to use the following four targeting options:

  • Your City within a 17km (10mile) range 
  • Women 18-49
  • Newly engaged (1 year)
  • Anniversary in 31-60 Days
  • and more.

South Africa Targeting

United States Targeting

You can also test various other target combinations at a later stage as this ad gets a constant stream of prospects to your landing page.

These four targeting options used will surfice for now and will be a good starting point.

Now you need to set up your ad to attract the women that you targeted above and whom will see it.

You are not trying to sell anything to your prospects in this ad. Your objective is to get them to click the sign up button so that you can get them to sign up for your offer and be placed on your email list.

Having this email list will enable you to email or text them to book appointments and offer other dental services.

You can model the ad example above to effectively generate leads for you dental practice.

The main elements for the above ad is:

  1. The Main Ad Copy – "Attention Ladies!" which is very clear about who this ad is aimed at. The offer is clearly stated as well as a few reasons for what else your prospects can use the offer to their advantage. Nothing to loose here.
  2. The Ad Image – is an attractive, great looking women with whom the audience can make a connection with instantly. The eyes and mouth are the key features.
  3. The Ad Headline – clearly highlights the offer.
  4. The Ad Description – the terms are clear and lets them know they need to sign up to claim the offer, matching the call-to-action button that says "Sign Up".
  5. The URL – is easy to read, so the audience can find you online should they wish too.
  6. The Call-to-Action Button – getting them to "Sign Up", the ad is preparing your prospects to enter more information once they click through to the landing page. Micro commitments as we say in the marketing arena.

Once the audience clicks through on the ad, they need to land on a page where they can opt-in to your offer.

Giving their information to you. Entering your email database of potential prospects.


Now, even if you currently have a website for your practice, I do not recommend sending your leads to the front page to collect their information.

A proper page must be build that has only one purpose and that is to make the offer, get the prospect to enter their information and click submit. No distractions!


We make use of various page builders but I would recommend using clickfunnels to build the dental funnel. It provides the funnel builder (templates), tracking capabilities and an email auto responder for talking to your prospects. Best support in the market as well.

Above is good example of a simple landing page that will effectively collect prospects information.

We make use of the sign up via facebook button because we can get the prospects best real email address and all other data the prospect has shared with Facebook - Their phone number, where they live and much more...

There are two reasons why this setup is successful:

  1. The image and page text are consistent (congruent) with the ad that they saw on facebook. This is VERY important. When the prospect land here it is as if they are still having the same vision and experience as expected.
  2. The second reason this is effective is because we are asking for a minimal amount of information. Two clicks, this facebook button and the next one from facebook where they confirm to share their info with you.  This even works brilliantly on their smart phones - mere seconds and they are on the thank you page.

A fast and painless experience sets a great tone for a dental practice!


After the prospective patient enters their information on the landing page and clicks the “Facebook” button, they are added to your email list via facebook and redirected to this Thank You page.

There are a few elements on this page that makes it successful.

  1. The thank you page is a great place to create offer scarcity or a sense of urgency that the patient should quickly contact you to claim their offer instead of waiting to be contacted.
  2. This page should also have a call tracking phone number on it. You can set up a unique phone number that forward calls to your business to track the effectiveness of your ad campaign. You can also set it up to get text notifications on leads as they come in. This way you know exactly which leads are coming from Facebook or not!
  3. The thank you page also gives leads a chance to connect with you on social media by adding share buttons at the bottom. This is huge because “word-of-mouth” referrals are another strong source for leads.

By setting up your ad, landing page and thank you page by using the examples above, you position yourself to get immediate leads.

However, the most important part of this process is following up with those leads and closing the deal.


The degree of which you follow up with your prospects can make or break your entire dental funnel.

As a health professional, it is crucial that you make your new patient feel like they are more than just an incom. You have to reach them on a personal level.

The first thing you need to do to effectively follow up with your leads, is set up an email in your autoresponder (clickfunnels) to go out immediately after they have entered their detail on your landing page.

This email should again thank them for signing up for the free offer as well as contain the tracking phone number from the thank you page above.

The second step in following up with your prospects are to make contact.

You need to establish a routine regarding this.

Dedicate time every day to call these potential new patients. It may take calling a few different times to actually get a hold of someone, but keep this in mind: If they took the time to fill out the form, they want to be contacted!

Even a text message could help in reaching them.


No matter what stage your dental practice is in, it is easy to set yourself up to bring in consistent prospective patients.

A simple four-part funnel with the unique four point targeting will have you and your practice getting patients pouring in week after week.

Don’t be obnoxious in your follow-up efforts, but do be professional and thorough. Once they opt-in you are in relationship building mode.

You have peaked their interest and earned their trust enough to get them to book their FREE session.

It is then up to your awesome and remarkable dental skills to keep them coming back!


The above casestudy show a simplistic view of how a dentist was helped with a simple facebook ad (proper copy writing), Facebook audience targeting, landing page, email autoresponder and conversion tracking (pixel and google analytics).

The fact of the matter is that if you do not know or understand the technical and marketing aspects of the above campaign you are in for a steep learning curve should you venture building your own similar marketing campaign.

Note: Marketing campaigns may be similar but differ from business to business! No two are the same.

At Web Visibility Consultants we understand the techy stuff (we solve it), the marketing stuff (we solve it) and the conversion tracking stuff (we solve it).

We do it on a daily basis for dental practices such as Yours!

We call it our Behavioral Dynamic Response System - BDRS in short.

Let us help you set up your next Dental Facebook marketing campaign so that you can get back to being adentist, focussing on your old as well as your new patients coming through the (BDRS) dental funnel build for you!

In order for this to work you must have an established dental practice, must have patients on your list and you must have a good dental reputation in your local area - no need to be the best we'll get you there!

To Your Success,


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