Designing better business websites for Business Owners

Business Website Design the Alpha or Omega

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As we all know the internet is both a wonderful and very much limitless when it comes to having your business website designed. With that said a lot of business website owners and even standard type website owners think that when a website is build you’re done and the traffic will come, the internet is to cluttered for that to work anymore.

Business websites are your business’ best online advertising medium

This is unfortunate, as the internet holds many distinct advantages over other types of off line advertising;  overall to act as your salesman even while sleeping, reaching an ever growing internet population and having your website dished up the moment a potential customer is looking for what you have to offer with regards to your industry (also called internet marketing).

Your website must work even in different browsers types

Website designing entails that your site will be functioning in internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. By using the wordpress content management framework this will be possible.

There is however no guarantee that the theme super imposed on top of the wordpress framework, is a hunderd percent compatible with those internet browsers. Mostly all of the website themes out there will work most of the time.

Even though you may not be an expert programmer, it is important to test the look of your website in various browsers as the site is being launched.

Expert Business Website Designers are used by Web Visibility Consultants

Website design simplicity is not just an aesthetic consideration as the technical advantages are many fold when designing your business website, things such as website navigation and ease of use will count all the way.

Most visitors to your website will also find it easy to use, more attractive to see a clean uncluttered website and an added advantage will be that the website will overall load faster.

Ensure that your colour scheme is nice and consistent, your text have a proper size, the text stand out and that your text is broken up in to three to five line paragraphs.

Animation and flash intros don’t always work well and normally increase the loading time of your business website.

When to use Animation and Interactive elements in your website design

A major point with taking website interactivity into account is to not frustrate your visitors. Interactivity can boost interest in your business website but could also kill its chance to survive. You need to balance your websites interactivity and animations in such a way that your website users gets a unique experience while getting the information they were seeking.

Do not ever use an intro animation or flash with a loading rotational counter, as this will surely have your visitor click away.

Also search engines don’t know how to read or interpret flash websites. Bad move and no search engine indexing.

Why waste their time if it is not doing anything in helping them get to the information they were looking for.

Business Websites must deliver a Return on Your Investment

This in general will give you a much cleaner, more operational and a more visited business website. There are of course various other website elements to consider when designing your business website, but with the basics outlined as above, you are well on your way in building an efficient and user friendly business website.

If you need website design advice or require help with the various other facets of your business website (internet marketing), contact Web Visibility Consultants for a free consultation.